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Projection Mapped Wedding "Cakes"

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Wedding Cake Projection Mapping

Projection mapped wedding cakes are the ultimate feature for a unique, one-of-a-kind wedding celebration! As one of the first companies in the UK to adopt video wedding cake projections, we are proud to be able to transfer the happy couple’s personalities and love story to really bring the cake to life.

Do we need to order such a large cake?

To obtain the best possible visual effect, you would need a four tier or larger cake.  This not only can be expensive, but would be a lot of cake for the average Wedding reception.  We allow you to have that spectacular five tier cake and is accomplished with a "dummy" Cake. 

Your guests would never know that the cake isn't real as it looks and smells like the real thing.  There is a cut away strategically located in the back corner of the Cake where a slice of real cake is placed. It is then covered in Fondant, and ready for the Cake Cutting Ceremony. Once photos are taken, the "dummy" cake is rolled away, moments later your servers bring in cake slices cut from a sheet cake which you can order through your favorite Bakery or you can order directly from Las Vegas Custom Cakes.  If you would like a real cake for your Reception, we work directly with Las Vegas Custom Cakes who will help you design your perfect Cake.

How Does Wedding Cake Mapping Work?

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