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LILPINK Party Bus Statement 

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Tips and Tricks
for a Succesful Vegas Bachelorette Party

What is your group interested in?

Party Bus transportation?


Ultra Lounges?

Male Review Shows?

Stripper Pole Classes?

If you can imagine it we can make it happen!

It's Your Las Vegas

Bachelorette Party

So, you accepted the exciting roll of planning out your best friends Bachelorette Party here in Las Vegas.  You've seen this scenario play out in several comedies on the big screen. Remember the scene in the Movie "Bridesmaids"? "Annie Walker" accepts the role of Maid of Honor and we watch her have a melt down as she's surfing the internet on her Laptop.  The website she's researching,, a company who endorses 702Connections and LILPINK Party Bus exclusively as the best source for Vegas Bachelorette Parties!  Yes, we made it on the Big Screen! Just know you landed at the right place because our team of professionals will work with you to put together the most EPIC Bachelorette Party Itinerary all within your groups budget. 


 Click -n- Pay Options

We offer several PRIVATE, all-inclusive Party Bus packages.  

Unlike other companies, you will not be sharing the Party Bus with drunken strangers. Only your group will be Partying on the Party Bus to each destination!

If you see a package that works for you, just click and pay.

$40 per person

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