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How to Plan the Perfect
Las Vegas Weekend

Tips and Tricks

Do Your Research and Plan Ahead:

There are so many fun things to do in Vegas, that without research you will never know they exist.  Don't wait until you arrive in Las Vegas to begin the planning process. No one knows Vegas more then your 702Connections Team.   Every time a new Activity, Nightclub, Pool, Show etc. opens we are invited to bring our VIP team out to experience their services.  We believe in a shoot from the hip attitude and will be totally honest with you when discussing the pros and cons of the different experiences to be had in town. 

Our relationship with our clients is very important to us, so you can count on us to be straight up about every aspect of your Las Vegas Experience!

Book Your Weekend Events Through a Reputable VIP Concierge Service.

Working with a reputable company can be extremely helpful as their knowledge base can streamline your planning process.

Within the past few years the term "VIP Host" has lost it's Market Value. Social media and ez build website sources have made it very easy for anyone to say they are a "VIP Host" or service. Please "Do your due diligence" if the deal seems too good to be true, it probably is. Ask yourself,  does the "company" or person you are receiving quotes from have a Business license? Are they registered with the Nevada Secretary of State?  Las Vegas has only one Area Code (702)  are they offering you a 702 phone number to call? Do they have a 702 Area code listed on their website? Do they list their office address on their website?  What Payment options are they offering? If you're paying via credit card, the business must have a Bank Merchant Account which should be processed by services like:  Unlicensed businesses use pay sources like Paypal, Square, Apple pay etc. as those services don't require a Business License to use. These payment sources offer you as the consumer zero protection.  Click on this link for more information and quick links on how to check the validity of that other "company" you're researching.


This is everyone's big weekend and for most, it's a once in a lifetime opportunity, so it's up to you to make sure everyone won't be disappointed.  It's important to discuss the venues and activities with everyone who is attending. Trust us, it’s not easy to make everyone happy but communication will be the key to the success of your weekend.  Which is why we recommend creating a private Facebook event page where everyone in the group can interact with each other and your 702Connections VIP representative. This is a great opportunity to establish your relationship with him or her prior to your trip to Vegas!


It's very important to discuss a comfortable per person daily / nightly entertainment budget with everyone. This is budget needs to be totally seperate from travel expenses, lodging and dining.   When planning a weekend itinerary for any size group, you will have to remember that not everyone pulls the same paycheck.  For some, spending $400 a night is a drop in the bucket where others, it may be their entire budget for the entire trip.  That one or two members of the group may not express their concern, but spending outside of their own budget can be extremely hard and wind up putting them into a very awkward position.  If you know that you have one or two members in your group who are having financial difficulties, step up and work with them.  If one or two members can only afford $200 per night and the rest of the group can easily afford $400 per night, then split the difference with the rest of the group, it would only be a small increase and now you will all be able to enjoy that amazing itinerary without any hard feelings!

Don’t arrive in Vegas without a Plan.

At a minimum, you should have at least one night fully planned out for you.  This should be the groups "Big Night".  It's inevitable that without a pre-arranged plan, you will spend more money and accomplish less. You will only be in Vegas for 48 – 72 Hours. The last thing you want to do is waste your time figuring out what you all want to to do because once you do figure it out and get everbody on board, you'll wind up arriving late, stuck in long lines and resort to quickly figuring out a plan B or C. 
Booking an itinerary through 702Connections allows you to relax and enjoy your weekend.  Your 702Connections VIP representative will be steps ahead of you making sure everything is scheduled and on time.  This way you can actually party with your friends, enjoy your weekend and not worry about what's happening next.   The best news is that the costs for your weekend with 702Connections averages out to be about the same price or less then costs and aggravation if you went and tried to go about the weekend on your own.  it's a no brainer :-)

Holiday Weekends?

Unless you have an open ended budget or a corporate expense account you might want to think twice about planning your party on a Holiday three day weekend. Granted, you would have an extra day off from work but you will be paying 30% - 50% more for Hotels, Airfare, Nightclubs, Pool Parties and Transportation.   Memorial Day Weekend, Labor Day Weekend, and ugh....New Years Eve are the three busiest and most expensive Holidays in Vegas.  If you have the flexibility to schedule a week before or a week after a Holiday, you will be steps ahead of the game as it will be generally just as busy and about 75% less expensive.
It might make sense, but it might not. It’s definitely on a case by case basis but rest assured if you are planning on coming out during a big Holiday Weekend,  we will be there working extra hard to make sure your experience is nothing less then EPIC! 

Don’t shop price, Shop service:

Everybody loves a deal, there's no doubt about that, but be cautious with this concept in Vegas especially when you are considering VIP services at Nightclubs and Pool Parties. Let’s face the facts, Nightclubs and Pool Parties are expensive. When it comes to Nightclubs and Pools if you shop for price you will pay the price.  

I have watched many groups, both guys and girls, buy into these so called “Deals” where it ends in a frustrating disaster. The group arrives at the venue only to find that their reservation does not exist or it does exist but the venue cannot honor the deal that they were promised. Don’t allow your group to get caught up in this messy downward spiral.  If you were not required to pay a "Deposit" or "Down Payment" your reservation is just as worthless as that keno ticket you bought at dinner.  We guarantee all of our packages and itineraries at the best prices. We would be more then happy to look over any deal you were previously quoted and if it's legit, we will match the price, we gaurentee it. You will never be left out to dry!

Don’t go to Jail

This one should go without saying.  Las Vegas Jail is not a fun or fashionable place to spend your Vacation

Yes, it's  "Vegas BABY!!!" but EVERYTHING is not legal in Vegas. The city still has laws and you must abide by them or suffer the consequences. The Vegas Police department has a strong presence on the Strip. They are completely aware that people come to Vegas to party, so just be cool and have fun.

There's no other place in the world like Las Vegas and it's not the Party Capital of the world for nothing. It's a great choice for any group that wants to create a fun and memorable experience.  Just make sure you act responsibly, the same as you do back home.

It’s not difficult to find the perfect weekend of debauchery. Just fill out our Party Request form and let us do the work for you.

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