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Is it a pool? Is it a nightclub? Is it indoors? Is it outdoors? Answer: All of the above.

We’ll just come out and say it: Surrender is one of Sin City’s most innovative and well-designed nightclubs, and strikes a near-perfect balance between party spot and sophisticated club destination. Whether you’re a bachelorette who just wants to cut loose with her girls or a tough-to-please clubbing connoisseur, Surrender comes pretty close to Eden, complete with a green-eyed snake statue hanging behind one of the three bars.

The whole club encourages dancing anywhere at all, so you can move to the beat whenever and wherever you choose. Besides the generous main dance floor, the real draw is the outdoor pool, a beautiful space not just big enough to breathe, but to actually move — which, trust us, can be a precious rarity in clubland. Although swimming in the pool itself is usually off-limits during clubbing hours, the area surrounding it is not, including a number of cabanas and bungalows featuring bottle service.

Inside, the decor is stylish and lush, filling the 5,000 square feet with a seductive atmosphere. Stripper poles adorn the VIP booths scattered throughout, providing just one more temptation in a club that encourages surrender. Insider tip: the bar lines are usually shorter inside.

Another plus to Surrender is its focus on good service, so you’ll feel like an actual client, not cattle. The dress code is also not as strict as other clubs, allowing stylish jeans and other casually chic attire.

Whether you choose to enjoy yourself inside among the stylish decor or outside beside the beautiful moonlit pool, you’ll definitely want to give in to Surrender.

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