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If you crave spectacular nightscape views with your adult beverages, Ghostbar is the place to party for you. Perched high atop the Palms Hotel and Casino on the Ivory Tower’s 55th floor, this chic nightspot looks like an ultra lounge but acts like a nightclub. The venue opened in 2001 and now bills itself as the first ultralounge, boutique nightclub in Sin City. In mid-2013, the space received a fresh facelift giving it a more sophisticated design.  Reserve an outdoor table or order a drink from the bar and dare to step onto the glass floor insert. Look down for a heart stopping view of the Palms Pool and Bungalows, 55 floors below.

From October through February, Ghostbar is home to its infamous Day Club party. Piñata-smashing, champagne showers, confetti raining down and go go dancers on stilts: welcome to Ghost Bar Day Club! “GBDC” is the Saturday day party at Ghostbar that puts all others to shame. An “anything goes” type of party, GBDC that encourages costumes, debauchery and all that falls under the category of fun. GBDC is a quintessential Las Vegas celebration of a Saturday afternoon as only the Palms Resort can do. What isn’t part of this midday bash? Club goers are hyped to dress up in outfits that are quite contrasted from the stylish ensembles expected of a nighttime party. Tutus, eccentric hats and sunglasses, or rave gear: you name it, you will see it being worn at GBDC! Beer bongs, confetti cannons, and high-energy music being spun by both resident and guest DJs make this crazy atmosphere swirl with vivacity. Go go dancers perform on the bar, platforms on the patio, and walk through the crowd on stilts. The piñata is smashed open at some point during the height of the party, which cranks the excitement up to an even higher level. Whether downing a beer bong, being part of the crowd getting sprayed with champagne, or dancing outdoors on the fabulous patio of this venue, GBDC is the perfect excuse to let loose and glorify being in Las Vegas, being an individual, and having a great time.

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