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A massive iron and glass doorway marks the entrance to LAX Nightclub at Luxor. Beyond the doors, you’ll find a grand staircase leading down to 26,000 square feet of party space. In early 2015, Urbane Design’s Kurstin Schmitz got the chance to transform the club into a sleeker, more modern version of itself as part of a million-dollar makeover. The old gothic-inspired red and black palette has been replaced with contemporary metallic tones in bronze, gold and silver while the ornamental wrought iron remains prominent in the décor. An updated lighting system shows off the venue’s sexy new style.

On the second floor, seven luxurious private lofts seem to hover over the dance floor offering aerial views of the action below. Guests seated in this area enjoy VIP service with all the amenities and have a private area to dance, saving them the walk downstairs.

On Friday and Saturday nights, LAX presents emerging artists and Commercial Pop featuring today’s most popular music and remixes. Interactive performances bring performers and guests together throughout the venue providing a unique experience.



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